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Vancouver Decluttering Services

Serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

We offer decluttering, organization, and hoarding solutions in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Our specialty in clearing and cleaning offers our clients a new, fresh start.

Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby and Vancouver


Removing excess clutter, junk, and unnecessary items out of your home so you can breath again.

A Solution to hoarding

We’ll work with you in a sensitive one-on-one approach to help you reduce items and organize so you are left with a safe and welcoming home.

Deep Cleaning

Clearing and sanitizing spaces to give your home a fresh feeling again.

Breath Well Again

A clean home is not only comfortable, it’s healthy. Let use bring your home back to health so you can live well again.


Let us help you decide what to keep and what to sell, dispose of, or donate.

helping you move

We know that letting go can be hard. That’s why we work with you in order to make good decisions during this transition.


Creating systems to keep your house and the items inside it in order.

everything has a home

We’ll help you find solutions for organizing, storing, and displaying your items in your home or business.
Senior Hoarding Services


Specializing in working with Seniors and those dealing with Hoarding tendencies.

Explore some of the partners we work alongside to help Seniors and Hoarders find solutions.

Fire Departments

We assist clients to be able to pass the home safety checklist given to them by the fire department.


We’re one of the companies in the Vancouver Hoarding Action Response Team and various Fire Departments use to refer those that are having difficulty in getting safety concerns under control.


We accept referrals from Fraser Health and local hospitals to help patients who are unable to return home until the state of their home is safe and hygienic.


We also provide packing/unpacking services for those patients who are unable to return home and are being moved into assisted living.

Housing Providers

We work with Housing Providers to help their tenants successfully downsize the clutter in their homes, so tenants do not have to face eviction.

Housing Providers

De-cluttering a home can be stressful on both the tenant and the housing provider. We come in as an ally for both to create order and solutions.

Senior Services

We work with Senior Service Providers to help seniors down-size or declutter their homes.

Senior Services

We are also pleased to offer workshops on Hoarding and Downsizing as you Age. A small stipend to cover transportation and time is requested.


“Give this lady a call , she is amazing. No shame here. Just gain. Get it done without feeling the pain. I think Denise is great and knows all about the issues behind the scenes. I have found I learned new skills that helped me to keep my home neater and have the skills to take control quickly. Her rates are good for what you are getting in comparison to what others charge. Nothing is daunting to her, she has seen everything and nothing holds her back. She will never let you down.  5 stars.”

Ann K • Client

“I have known Denise when I was working in a previous workplace and have seen the success rate of her clients. What amazes me is that her approach is not only for a short term period but to achieve long term goals or her client. Her heart to serve the people especially with seniors manifests through a successful one on one approach she uses with a lot of patience and professionalism. So, that is why I did not hesitate to contact her when I started in a new organization because I believe and trust her work. ”

Arrabelle Udtujan • Community Development Coordinator

“Denise is one of a kind! She is patient, kind, and my clients can’t stop talking about how lovely she is. I recently had Denise help one of my clients declutter her home to prepare it for the sale. I was blown away at how efficient and quick it got done. The home went from cluttered to clean and simple, and everything that was loved or wanted by the client stayed and found a place. She has the boxes and takes all unwanted items away as well! I highly recommend Denise to anyone needed to “Dee CLUTTER”!”

Ashley Chalmers • Realtor, Your Content Goes Here

“Denise is well-organized, professional, and good-humoured.  She’s that non-judgmental friend you always needed to work alongside you.”

Michele E • Client

Our Core Values

At Dee CLUTTER, we believe in working together to solve issues of clutter and hoarding.

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Declutter and Hoarding Services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.