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A Helping Hand

If you or a loved one is dealing with excessive clutter or hoarding, don't hesitate to contact Dee CLUTTER to provide a sensitive one-on-one, non-judgmental approach to putting the pieces back together.

Founded by Denise Wells

Founder and Owner of Deeclutter

Denise, or Dee as friends call her, is not your average organizer. She is a Hoarding Specialist with extensive experience working in Social Services (over 20 years!). Her work experiences lie in roles of supporting youth, adults and seniors in all aspects of care, and she studied environmental and biological theories of behaviour in the past.

Today, she utilizes all her knowledge to help individuals/families who are challenged by excess clutter or hoarding tendencies, and those who need help downsizing or letting go to gain order within their home. Denise launched Dee CLUTTER in 2015 after seeing first-hand the need for assistance with organizing, downsizing and hoarding. Since then, she has been helping individuals and families gain a fresh start for a new, cleaner chapter.

Today, Dee Clutter specializes in working with seniors. Denise spent over 3 years working as a Seniors Housing Outreach Worker, so she thoroughly understands the difficulties seniors face. Over the years she has helped attain and maintain Housing for over 100 homeless or at risk of homelessness Seniors in the Lower Mainland. Her experiences have allowed her to build strong relationships with families, landlords, mental health care workers and social workers all across the region.

Some of Who We Work With

Families, Singles & Couples

In today’s fast paced world, many of us don't have time to organize, downsize or declutter our living space. That’s when you call Dee CLUTTER.

Help Made Easy

Let us come in and organize your closets, help you downsize and make decisions on the amount of belongings in your home.  Dee CLUTTER also offers packing/unpacking options for moving.

Real Estate Agents

Are you trying to sell a home but the sellers do not seem concerned with showing their home in the best light?

Call For Help

Schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you present a home it its best light and in turn help you sell it

Landlords & Housing Providers

Are you having difficulties with tenants who have created an unsafe/unhygienic space and while you may not want to evict them; you don’t know where to turn?

Let's Work Together

We’ll work with your tenant, as long as they are willing, and offer clutter cleanup, downsizing, deep cleaning, packing/unpacking for moves and finding hoarding solutions.

Senior Advocates

We offer affordable rates because we understand the common financial constraints that seniors are living with.


That’s why we offer a free in home consultation, discounts for seniors, and service plans that will work within their financial limits

Health Care Providers

Are you working in unsafe/unhygienic environments? Are your clients no longer physically able to deep clean or declutter their living space?

Helping you help

Give us a call to discuss your concern and we can come in for a free in-home consultation. Let’s work together to help our clients live healthier lives.

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Always a simple phone call away.

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